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Natural Remedies for Insomnia: The Ultimate Guide

You’re tossing and turning at night.  Struggling to get a good night’s sleep.  You’re not alone. You probably know how insomnia makes you feel.  You’re …

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Want to Decrease Cancer Risk? Cook Your Food at Lower Temperatures

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay You see the food in advertising all the time. It’s the grilled, juicy, mouth-watering steak. The French Fries. The Fried …

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Woman With Dumbbells

5 More Reasons Resistance Exercise Should be Part of Your Anti-Aging Plan

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on UnsplashYou’ve finally made the change. You know that exercise is good for you, and you’ve started exercising regularly. You’re off to …

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Case Study: How Fitness Improves Quality of Life and Longevity

Photo by Tomasz Woźniak on Unsplash Are we really living up to our potential? Look around. You can find them just about anywhere. And you don’t …

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As a personal trainer, kinesiotherapist and bodybuilder, I’ve dedicated my life to optimal nutrition, fitness and natural remedies. And putting it all into practice. Now I’m taking my experience and knowledge to the next level by helping others through blogging.


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