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Benefits of Pregnenolone: How it Improves Longevity

Benefits of Pregnenolone
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Kent Probst, BS, MEd

Kent Probst is the owner of Long Healthy Life Blog

What is Pregnenolone?

Known as the “mother of all hormones,” pregnenolone is a hormone that gets converted to other hormones, such as estrogen, DHEA, cortisol, progesterone and testosterone.  The benefits of pregnenolone are wide ranging.


It also contributes to proper memory, mood and cognitive function.


A neurosteroid, pregnenolone is synthesized from cholesterol in the brain, independent of other hormones.


Although pregnenolone is produced by the body, it declines with age.  By age 75, pregnenolone levels have declined by as much as 60%.


A pregnenolone deficiency can manifest the following symptoms:

  • Poor memory
  • Dry skin
  • Poor attention and concentration
  • Muscle and joint stiffness
  • Decreased libido


A blood test can determine if your pregnenolone levels are low.


Benefits of Pregnenolone

Treatment for Fatigue and Stress

A stressful lifestyle can result in a weakened immune system and high blood pressure.


In cases where you can’t completely eliminate stress, pregnenolone may be an option to consider.


In a study involving students and employees, pregnenolone improved job performance.  The participants found the benefits of pregnenolone included improved feelings of well being.


Better Memory and Cognition

Someone you know may have dementia.  It’s characterized by memory loss and confusion.

Even if you don’t have dementia, it’s frustrating when you have short term memory loss, or have difficulty with problem solving and reasoning.

Almost everyone wants to improve cognitive function.

In a published study, pregnenolone administered to 3 month old and 20 month old rats enhanced neurogenesis (formation of new neurons) in their brains.


Treatment for Depression

While some people rely on prescription drugs to treat depression, there are side effects which can include:

  • Aggression
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Weight Gain
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Heart Attack
  • Liver Problems


Low pregnenolone levels have been associated with clinical depression in a study comparing patients with a diagnosis of depression compared to healthy volunteers.


Administration of 25-75 mg of pregnenolone has also been shown to improve the mood of participants in this published study.


Reducing Cholesterol

When hormone levels were optimized, including pregnenolone, patients with hypercholesterolemia saw significant reductions in cholesterol.  Total cholesterol in male participants dropped from 227 to 177.  And total cholesterol in female participants dropped from 229 to 186.


Treatment of Back Pain

When pregnenolone was given to U.S. military veterans with chronic low back pain, patients reported significant reductions in pain after 4 weeks of treatment.


Researchers concluded that pregnenolone may be an effective and safe adjunctive treatment for chronic low back pain.


How is Pregnenolone Taken?

Considering taking pregnenolone?


Whether or not you’re having symptoms that could be indicative of a pregnenolone deficiency, you should have your pregnenolone levels checked with a blood test.


If the blood test indicates your pregnenolone levels are low, consult with your physician before taking a pregnenolone supplement.


Pregnenolone supplements are commonly available in capsule form with dosages of 50 mg and 100 mg.


Consult with your physician if you’ve been diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer.


Pregnenolone should not be taken if you have a history of seizures.


With the proper approach, pregnenolone supplementation may be the right strategy for promoting healthy aging and alleviating problems associated with aging.


Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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